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Season 2 Episode 7
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So, you’re a thoughtful, impact-focused donor, and you’ve done your homework and identified some nonprofits that you’d like to support. But deciding what type of gift to make can sometimes be as challenging as knowing what cause to fund in the first place. Restricted gifts, unrestricted gifts, endowments – what are the differences, and what are the benefits of each type of gift? How can you ensure that your giving is helping to accomplish your overall philanthropic goals – your purpose for philanthropy, as it were.

Moderator: Michael Gordon Voss, publisher of Stanford Social Innovation Review


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The Philanthropic Initiative is a strategic philanthropy advisory practice that helps individuals, families, foundations, and companies increase the impact of their giving locally, nationally, and globally.

  • Donors can choose among a multitude of ways to apply their philanthropic resources. This primer, Strategic Philanthropy: A Primer on Roles and Strategies, provides suggestions for moving from check writing to high-impact philanthropy and presents examples of donor efforts to move towards more strategic giving.
  • Ten years ago, when TPI celebrated its 20th anniversary, we gathered 20 ideas inspired by the ambitious, thoughtful and creative donors with whom we have been privileged to work. In honor of TPI’s 30th anniversary, we have added 10 more ideas. We did not have all the answers then, and we still don’t – but over the past three decades, we’ve learned some lessons we’d like to share: 30 Lessons in Pursuit of Deep Social Impact.

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