Features of a Schwab Charitable™ donor-advised fund account

Fulfill your philanthropic goals and make an even greater impact on the causes that matter to you—when your donation is needed most.

How-To Video Series for Donors

Find out how simple it is to open and manage a Schwab Charitable account. These quick tutorials will walk you through it all, step by step.

A guide: How to recommend a grant

open an account

How to open your account

How to contribute to you account

How to contribute to your account

How to invest and rebalance

How to invest and rebalance

How recordkeeping works

How recordkeeping works

Evaluate charities
Evaluate charities


  • Open an account within 24 hours.
  • Get started with an irrevocable contribution of cash, securites, or other non-cash assets.
  • No minimum initial contribution.
Tax Deduction
Tax Deduction


  • Get a current-year tax deduction.
  • Minimize capital gains tax.
  • Contribute cash, securities, or appreciated assets.
  • Make additional contributions at any time.


  • Choose from a wide range of investment pools or manage your account with the help of an advisor.
  • Receive acknowledgment for your grants or give anonymously if you prefer.
Send funds instead of physical goods.
Send funds instead of physical goods.


  • Recommend grants online or through the Schwab Mobile app.¹
  • No minimum annual distribution requirement.
  • Grant as much or as little as you want each year.

Establishes a Legacy

  • Extend your philanthropy beyond your lifetime.
  • Name your account to include your family (e.g., "The Garcia Family Fund").
  • Name family members as successors to the account.
  • Set up recurring gifts to ensure a legacy of charitable giving.
Establishes a legacy

Ready to open an account?

Ready to open an account?

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