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Giving to international charities

With a Schwab Charitable™ donor-advised fund, you can extend your generosity beyond the United States and make a difference almost anywhere in the world.

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Combine your dollars with your time.
Combine your dollars with your time.


Whether you want to support a well-known U.S. charity working abroad or a specific international charity, our specialist in international granting can guide you. We will help you determine the most effective way to meet your charitable goals and will facilitate next steps.


Grant recommendations to U.S. 501(c)(3) organizations that support charities abroad are quickly processed by our grants team.

We screen foreign charities to ensure that donations don’t go to organizations that are subject to U.S. or U.N. sanctions or are included on terrorist, trade control, or fraud lists.

Further review and evaluation will determine if the organization satisfies IRS guidelines for international grantmaking and tax deductibility:

  • Does the organization meet the same requirements as a domestic 501(c)(3) public charity under U.S. tax law?
  • Can the organization demonstrate the capacity to carry out the purposes of the donation?

The requirements for each international donation may be simple or complex. Our International Granting Specialists can help you consider the details (such as the location of a non-U.S. organization, the purpose of a donation, and the duration of granting activities) to help determine the most efficient way to give.

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In every region of the world, Schwab Charitable works with intermediaries¹ that can provide special pricing for Schwab Charitable donors. These intermediaries employ local staff who can directly ensure that your gifts are disbursed as you intend and who can monitor projects firsthand for their impact.

Schwab Charitable donors have three effective ways to give to causes, regions, and crises throughout the world:

1. Give to U.S.-based charities doing international work.

Recommend grants to international causes through established U.S.-based charities that perform work overseas.

Give to U.S.-based charities doing international work.

2. Give through intermediaries¹ that facilitate direct grants to international charities.

Recommend grants through the Schwab Charitable network of vetted international intermediaries that are local to their areas of expertise and can perform a review of selected charitable organizations and projects.

Give through intermediaries1 that facilitate direct grants to international charities.

3. Give directly to qualifying foreign charities.

Recommend grants directly to foreign charities through the Schwab Charitable Direct Global Giving Program

Give directly to qualifying foreign charities.



If you're interested in global giving, please contact us to learn more and determine the option that will best meet your needs.

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1. Intermediaries charge a processing fee. These fees may be lower based on negotiated rates for Schwab Charitable donors.

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