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Generosity and innovation are fueling exponential progress in addressing the most complex and intractable problems we face today. Growing at a commensurate pace is the drive to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of donors, the advisors who support them and nonprofits in creating the impact they envision. Giving with Impact is a podcast created by Schwab Charitable and Stanford Social Innovation Review to engage the philanthropic sector in an ongoing discussion around maximizing charitable impact. The series creates a collaborative space for leading voices from across the philanthropic ecosystem to engage in both aspirational and practical conversations around relevant topics at the heart of achieving more effective philanthropy.

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Giving with Impact Season 2

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Increasing efficiency and effectiveness: How nonprofits are leveraging donor-advised funds

Over the past decade, the popularity and use of donor-advised funds, or DAFs as they are commonly known, have grown dramatically. According to the National Philanthropic Trust’s 2019 Annual Donor Advised Fund Report, "grantmaking from donor-advised funds to qualified charities has nearly doubled in the past five years," with philanthropists recommending over $23 billion in grants to charities from their DAFs in 2018. How can nonprofits leverage donor-advised funds to support their operation and maximize their fund-raising results?

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Giving across generations: maximizing impact through family philanthropy

A 2014 report by the Center on Wealth and Philanthropy at Boston College estimated that $59 trillion will be transferred to the next generation from 2007 to 2061, the largest wealth transfer in US history. Lifetime giving to charity in that same period is estimated to be $20.6 trillion. At the same time, there is an increasing desire among families to work together to use their resources to solve social challenges, with longer life spans and greater understanding of the benefits of multigenerational philanthropy having encouraged more multigenerational collaboration. And while a variety of challenges can compromise the work, successful intergenerational giving strategies can foster an ongoing tradition of giving, make an impact on issues the family cares about, and deepen family relationships. What contributes to these successful strategies?

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Giving with Impact Season 2 Episode 4

African American Philanthropy: A Culture of Generosity

African Americans have participated in charitable giving in this country for hundreds of years, and over the past decade, African American families have—more than any other racial group—contributed the largest proportion of their wealth to charity. If nonprofits are serious about cultivating diverse communities, they must commit across their organizations to diversity and inclusion as well as dedicate time, resources, and attention to identify, solicit, and steward Black donors on their own terms.

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Giving with Impact Season 2 Episode 3

C-19: What's Next - The Lifecycle of a Pandemic

Not only will C-19 continue to roil our lives and our society, but we also have to think realistically, and accept the likelihood that other disasters may arise while we still attempt to deal with the one at hand. What can the philanthropic sector’s response to past disasters teach us about our current crisis, and what can we do to prepare for the inevitable fact of other crises that may emerge?

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Giving with Impact: Season 2 Episode 2

C-19: What Nonprofits are Facing Now and How Donors Can Help

During this period of extreme financial pressures brought about as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, many organizations in the nonprofit sector are feeling particularly squeezed, as they work to continue to provide support and services to what is already an expanding client population. At the same time revenues from services have dried up and donations from their traditional fundraising activities have declined. In this environment, what can individual donors do to maximize their philanthropic impact to help both nonprofits on the front lines of the battle against C-19 and those tangentially affected?

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Giving with Impact: Season 2 Episode 1

C-19: Giving Effectively and Efficiently to Address the Most Pressing Needs

The philanthropic sector has weathered many challenges; but nothing matches the scope and speed of the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. What are the areas of most pressing need? How can we think about selecting the most effective nonprofits to address those needs? How can individual donors respond to multiple needs arising from a global pandemic?

Giving with Impact Season 1

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Giving with Impact: Season 1 Episode 6

Values-Based Philanthropy: The Crucial Relationship Between Why We Give and How We Give

When beginning new, or scaling up existing philanthropic activities, many strategic donors rightfully spend a great deal of time thinking about how to invest identifying the vehicles and approaches that provide the greatest opportunity to maximize their financial commitment. But equally crucial, is spending time on the "why" of their philanthropic approach. How can we best identify not only the causes or issues that matter most to us, but those where we can make an impact? And what methods are at our disposal to do so?

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Giving with Impact: Season 1 Episode 5

Venture Philanthropy: Empowering Possibility

Over the past decade or so, we've seen significant shifts in philanthropy's approach to addressing some of society's biggest problems and the growing popularity of market-based or market-inspired solutions to these challenges. Philanthropy and private equity used to be very distant worlds. Today, the idea of venture philanthropy has become more widespread. How can donors take a venture philanthropy approach?

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Giving with Impact: Season 1 Episode 4

The Economy, Taxes and Philanthropy: What Donors Can Do to Navigate the Current Giving Environment

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017, or TCJA, made reductions to income tax rates for most individual tax brackets. But it also made changes to itemized deductions, which caused many in the non-profit sector to worry that this might lead to a reduction in total charitable giving by individuals. Now that we've reached year two of this legislation being in effect, what does the data show? How do taxes, or the economy more broadly, impact philanthropic giving? And what approaches should donors consider if they want to continue to give with impact?

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Giving with Impact: Season 1 Episode 3

Facilitating Impact – What's Right, What's Missing, What's Next for Donor-Advised Funds

There are a range of organizations and solutions to help donors navigate the philanthropic process, including community foundations and national donor-advised funds. These organizations can help donors deploy their philanthropic resources in a thoughtful and proactive manner in order to improve the impact they have on the causes they support. Listen in as our guests discuss current best practices to maximize donor impact and the opportunity for community foundations and national donor-advised funds to work together to help donors support local, regional and national nonprofits.

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Giving with Impact: Season 1 Episode 2

Giving With a Gender Lens: Unleashing Charitable Impact by and for Women

Traditional beliefs about philanthropy, including who gives, how, and with what effect, can lead to misunderstandings, and actually stand in the way of achieving social impact.

One area in which misperceptions persist is the subject of women's charitable giving. While a superficial glance at the data would make it appear that women give less in total dollars, and give to fewer organizations than men, the reality is very different, and far more nuanced. Are there differences in women's and men's approaches to philanthropy? Do women apply a different set of criteria than men when making philanthropic decisions, and if so, what does this mean for philanthropy writ large?

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Giving with Impact: Season 1 Episode 1

Making the Most of Your Generosity: Addressing Equity and Social Change Through Corporate and Individual Philanthropy

The landscape of modern philanthropy has changed dramatically in recent years, affecting the approach to charitable giving by corporations, foundations and individuals. In this episode, our guests discuss how shifts in charitable giving are re-defining America's approach to philanthropy and how individuals can increase the effectiveness with which they give.