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Family Philanthropy

Passing values on to younger generations through philanthropy can help maximize charitable impact and extend a donor's legacy. Many donors are looking for ways to introduce these conversations and connect their family in a meaningful giving strategy that involves the whole family.

Navigating Family Philanthropy

This series of guide books, road maps and videos developed by National Center for Family Philanthropy can help donors involve other family members as they plan for meaningful, effective philanthropy together.

Defining your philanthropic purpose

Defining your philanthropic purpose

For your philanthropy to be meaningful and effective, it is critical to understand why you want to give. Here, you will find resources to help you and your family explore the motivations, values or principles, priorities, and giving styles that make up your collective philanthropic purpose.

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Choosing your philanthropic vehicles

Choosing your philanthropic vehicles

Selecting philanthropic vehicles is an important choice when considering your giving goals. Here are guidance and activities to help identify the vehicles that suit your family's philanthropy.

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Choosing Your social impact strategies

Choosing your social impact strategies

Your impact can be small or big, help a few or many, or be tangible or hard to measure. These resources can provide a road map for intentionally using your resources to achieve social impact. 

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Planning for Legacy and Succession

Planning for legacy and succession

Legacy and succession are topics that ask you to envision a future in which you won’t be actively managing your social impact strategy or philanthropic vehicle. 

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Strengthening Governance and Family Dynamics

Strengthening governance and family dynamics

A governance framework can bring intentionality and effectiveness for families exploring philanthropy.

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