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Advisor resources for giving season

As year-end approaches, many donors show extraordinary generosity in supporting their favorite causes and charities. To help in that regard, Schwab CharitableTM developed this collection of tools and resources. Explore the content below to take your conversations deeper and support your clients’ philanthropy:

Resources for you

We want to make it easy for you to talk to your clients about charitable giving and get to know them on a more personal level. Here are some resources to help you guide those conversations, provide additional value to your clients, and ultimately extend your relationships.

  • Advisor webcast

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    Watch a webcast to learn how to engage clients and their families with tax-smart philanthropy.

  • 2022 giving strategies

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    Explore eight ways to help clients increase giving power and reduce taxable income in 2022.

  • Conversation starters

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    Read tips to initiate meaningful charitable giving discussions with your clients.

  • A better way to give

    Tax Deductions When Needed Most

    Advisor Chris Wheaton explains how donors can drive down the cost of giving.

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  • Tax savings calculator

    Calculator, newspaper with market data, and computer keyboard

    Use this tool with your clients to see if bunching contributions makes sense for them.

  • Get the guides

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    Help clients develop a comprehensive strategy to maximize their charitable impact.

  • 3 common scenarios

    Justin Volesko in suit and tie smiling at the camera

    Advisor Justyn Volesko describes when to consider a Schwab Charitable account.

  • Ready to connect?

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    We’re here to answer your questions, provide helpful insights and information, and support you.

Strategies and supporting materials to share with clients

Schwab Charitable is committed to providing materials like these to help educate donors and make charitable giving more tax-smart, simple, and efficient. You're welcome to share these items with your clients and prospects.

  • Bunching contributions

    Young girl building a model of a molecule for science class

    Help clients understand the tax benefits of bunching charitable contributions.

  • Foundation evaluation

    Illustration of pickup truck carrying gift

    Explore considerations for clients thinking about opening or converting a private foundation.

  • Family philanthropy

    Family enjoying a potluck dinner together

    See strategies to involve family members, pass down values, and leave a legacy.

  • Non-cash contributions

    Close up of stock certificate

    Show clients how to maximize charitable impact by donating appreciated non-cash assets.

Resources to manage Schwab Charitable accounts

Here are some commonly accessed tools and resources for clients with an existing Schwab Charitable account or those who are considering opening one.

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