Frequently asked questions

Find answers to your charitable-giving questions.

Getting Started

What is a donor-advised fund and how does it work?
What types of donor-advised fund accounts does Schwab Charitable offer?
How much does a Schwab Charitable account cost?

Contributing to your account

Are there any contribution minimums?
Which types of assets can be contributed to a Schwab Charitable™ account?
How long does it take to process contributions for a new Schwab Charitable account?

Investing your contributions

How can assets contributed to Schwab Charitable accounts be invested prior to recommending a grant?
Can I reallocate my funds among investment pools?
What if I don’t specify a recommended asset allocation for my contributed assets?

Giving to a charity

How do I recommend a grant?
Is there a minimum grant amount?
How long does it take to process grant recommendations for a new Schwab Charitable account?

Succession planning

What methods are available for allocating assets among successors and/or charitable beneficiaries?
Beyond my lifetime, what account privileges do other account holders and account users retain?
What role do my contingent successors or contingent charitable beneficiaries play?
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