Forms for Donors

Enhanced forms

As part of our ongoing effort to improve our donors' experience, we have enhanced some of the forms used to manage your account. Please note that four new forms for specific types of account updates have been created to replace the one form you may have previously used to update your account information.

Note: Investment advisors may access their forms here.


Open an account 

Here you can complete the online application to open an account. You will need to be a permanent U.S. resident and supply your Social Security number, date of birth, and contact information for each person listed on the account. When you are done, simply print the completed application and fax or mail back to us.

Contribute to your account

If you are a Schwab client and your Schwab Charitable account is already open, you can make contributions to your donor-advised fund account directly from your Schwab account. But if you prefer to print, just complete the form and mail or fax it back to us. If you want to make a contribution from a non-Schwab account, please use the Transfer of Assets form. If your non-cash contributions to a Schwab Charitable account exceed $500 and you itemize your tax deductions, refer to Information for Completing IRS Form 8283. 

Recommend a grant

Please log in to your account to recommend a grant.

Update your account information 

You can reallocate your investments online or update account information online any time. But if you prefer to print, complete, and mail or fax your reallocation, or make other changes to your account, please choose from one of the forms below.

Update Basic Account Information

Update Succession Plan

Update Investment Pools

Update Investment Advisor & Account Conversion


Delivery Instructions 

Here you can find instructions for sending documents to Schwab Charitable, wire transfers, electronic funds transfers, mailed checks and physical security certificates, DTC-eligible securities, and Fed-book entry securities.

Transfer assets from non-Schwab accounts 

You can contribute funds that are not in Charles Schwab accounts, as well as securities, by printing, completing, and then mailing or faxing this form.