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Season 2 Episode 4
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African Americans have participated in charitable giving in this country for hundreds of years, that over the past decade, African American families have—more than any other racial group—contributed the largest proportion of their wealth to charity. If nonprofits are serious about cultivating diverse communities, they must commit across their organizations to diversity and inclusion as well as dedicate time, resources, and attention to identify, solicit, and steward Black donors on their own terms.

Moderator: Michael Gordon Voss, publisher of Stanford Social Innovation Review


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  • Check out Schwab Charitable's Equal Access to Justice resource center which features links to websites, articles and charity search tools, that can help you activate your charitable giving to combat racism and support criminal justice reform.
  • Learn how to measure the impact of your giving. Plan, evaluate and stay connected to maximize the impact of your philanthropic goals.

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  • The Mays Family Institute on Diverse Philanthropy (part of the Lilly Family School of Philanthropy) fosters a greater understanding of the ways in which underrepresented people are both inspired and informed donors by providing knowledge, education, and training.

First Foundation offers giving programs aligned with their clients' values, helping them implement a thoughtful giving program that leaves a long-lasting legacy.

Historically, women and girls of color (WGOC) make up the frontlines of activism in the United States and abroad. Compared to the high-end budgets of larger foundations, nonprofits and other organizations that serve, are founded by, or are led by WGOC must do the work of much larger-scale organizations while subsisting on “pocket change” budgets.

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