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Season 2 Episode 3
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Not only will C-19 continue to roil our lives and our society, but we also have to think realistically, and accept the likelihood that other disasters may arise while we still attempt to deal with the one at hand. What can the philanthropic sector’s response to past disasters teach us about our current crisis, and what can we do to prepare for the inevitable fact of other crises that may emerge?

Moderator: Michael Gordon Voss, publisher of Stanford Social Innovation Review


Regine A. Webster, Vice President, Center for Disaster Philanthropy
Brian Howell, Director, Business Development, Schwab Charitable

After you listen

  • Review this up-to-date list of CDP-recommended charities supporting COVID-19 response, relief, and recovery efforts both domestically and abroad.
  • Heartbreaking tragedies affect thousands of people every year, from devastating storms and earthquakes to wildfires and mudslides. Victims are often left in dire need of food, emergency shelter, clean water, electricity, and access to critical medical care. Schwab Charitable and the Center for Disaster Philanthropy are working together to provide our generous donors with a convenient way to extend their support.

The Center for Disaster Philanthropy (CDP) is the only full-time national resource dedicated to helping donors maximize their impact by making more intentional disaster-related giving decisions.

With the increasing frequency and intensity of disasters comes the critical need for knowing when and how to respond effectively. CDP's innovative strategies advance donors' values, increase the impact of their contributions, meet the needs of vulnerable populations and ultimately, strengthen their communities.

  • For ongoing updates on the effects of the pandemic in the United States and around the world, view the CDP’s COVID-19 resource page.
  • Review CDP's Disaster Philanthropy Playbook, a compilation of philanthropic strategies, promising practices and lessons learned that help communities be better prepared when a disaster strikes their community. In particular, it is aimed at helping philanthropic organizations and individual donors be more strategic with their investments and recognize the importance of supporting long-term recovery for vulnerable populations.
  • Disaster can strike at any time, in any place in the world. Some disasters make headlines; others do not. The CDP keeps an eye on the status of disasters worldwide and compile a list of the ones they are tracking weekly, along with relevant disaster-related media coverage. Check out the weekly disaster blog.

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