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Season 1 Episode 5
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Over the past decade or so, we've seen significant shifts in philanthropy's approach to addressing some of society's biggest problems and the growing popularity of market-based or market-inspired solutions to these challenges. Philanthropy and private equity used to be very distant worlds. Today, the idea of venture philanthropy has become more widespread. How can donors take a venture philanthropy approach?

Moderator: Michael Gordon Voss, publisher of Stanford Social Innovation Review


Jim Bildner, CEO, Draper Richards Kaplan Foundation

Julia Reed, Managing Director, Relationship Management, Schwab Charitable

After you listen

Given the amount of capital available to Draper Richards Kaplan Foundation, they really are trying to push the ball on complex societal issues including access to food and water, homelessness, access to education, healthcare, the critical issues that face society globally. Find out more about how DRK Foundation is looking for solutions to these very complicated societal issues, and how they are typically finding those in early stage entrepreneurs, in the three articles below:


  • Learn more about DRK Foundation's belief in early-stage investments in social entrepreneurs and how this practice is essential for creating profound and lasting change to society's most challenging problems in "The Urgency to Fund Early-stage Social Entrepreneurs" published by Stanford Social Innovation Review.
  • Funders who care about systems change should look from the outside in, and shouldn't discount the potential and influence of early-stage organizations. Today, disruptive innovation is bubbling up, rather than trickling down read more in this article published by Stanford Social Innovation Review "To Change the System Look Outside the System"
  • Read about how the need to bridge the digital divide between those with and those without adequate connection to the internet took more than technology. It required a system's change. "Why Social Ventures Need Systems Thinking" in Harvard Business Review


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