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The landscape of modern philanthropy has changed dramatically in recent years, affecting the approach to charitable giving by corporations, foundations and individuals. In this episode, our guests discuss how shifts in charitable giving are re-defining America's approach to philanthropy and how individuals can increase the effectiveness with which they give.

Moderator: Michael Gordon Voss, publisher of Stanford Social Innovation Review


Jeff Raikes, Co-Founder of the Raikes Foundation

Fred Kaynor, Vice President, Marketing and Business Development, Schwab Charitable

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    The interconnected concepts of equity and justice are taking center stage across the philanthropic landscape. Individual donors can engage in effective philanthropy with an equity lens that not only celebrates and respects diverse perspectives but empowers those closest to the issues in helping to co-create solutions.

    • You can find out more about advancing equity and justice in Jeff's recent article published in Forbes.

    • Check out Giving Compass, a project sponsored by Raikes Foundation as a central source for relevant articles.

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