Two small girls standing in flood waters and looking at a home in the distance
Updated August 4, 2022

Help for Kentucky and central Appalachia flood victims

In late July and early August, the central Appalachia region was devastated by record rainfall and flooding. Both Eastern Kentucky and parts of Missouri were impacted by these floods that claimed dozens of lives and caused extensive damage to infrastructure. A state of emergency was declared on July 26 for Missouri by the Governor and Lieutenant Governor. On July 29, President Biden approved a disaster declaration to help support with recovery efforts in Kentucky.

Consider lending your support to help those impacted. 

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The organizations below have been recommended by the Center for Disaster Philanthropy (CDP) to help those impacted.

Rows of Charities

  • AirLink

    EIN: 37-1710848

  • All Hands and Hearts Smart Response Inc.

    EIN: 20-3414952

  • American Red Cross

    EIN: 53-0196605

  • AmeriCares Foundation

     EIN: 06-1008595


  • Appalachian Artisan Center of Kentucky Inc.

    EIN: 61-1369294

  • Appalachian Citizens Law Center Inc.

    Fund: ACLC's Flood Recovery Fund

    EIN: 61-1401589

  • Appalshop

    Fund: Appalachian Media Institute

    EIN: 61-0890210

  • Aspire Appalachia

    EIN: 84-4515260

  • Center for Disaster Philanthropy

    Fund: 2022 Kentucky Flooding

    EIN: 45-5257937

  • Center for Rural Strategies

    Fund: Daily Yonder

    EIN: 61-1379952

  • Christian Appalachian Project

    EIN: 61-0661137

  • CORE (Community Organized Relief Effort)

    EIN: 27-1703237

  • Cowan Community Action Group

    EIN: 61-1396831

  • Direct Relief

    EIN: 95-1831116

  • Feeding Kentucky

    EIN: 61-1398656

  • Footprint Project

    EIN: 82-4976481

  • Foundation for Appalachian Kentucky

    Fund: Appalachian Crisis Aid Fund

    EIN: 61-1329396

  • GlobalGiving Foundation

    Fund: Kentucky and Appalachia Flood Relief Fund

    EIN: 30-0108263

  • Good360

    EIN: 54-1282616

  • Hemphill Community Center

    EIN: 61-1343564

  • Hindman Settlement School

    EIN: 61-0447248

  • Housing Development Alliance

    EIN: 61-1253346

  • Housing Oriented Ministries Established for Services Inc.

    EIN: 61-1060053

  • Information Technology Disaster Resource Center (ITDRC)

    EIN: 26-3865869

  • Inspiritus

    EIN: 58-1535692

  • Kentucky Civic Engagement Table Inc.

    Does Business As: Commonwealth Alliance Donor Table

    EIN: 83-2413836

  • Operation BBQ Relief

    EIN: 45-2442792

  • Partnership for Inclusive Disaster Strategies

    EIN: 81-3647983

  • Save the Children Federation

    EIN: 06-0726487

  • St. Bernard Project

    EIN: 26-2189665

  • Team Kentucky

    Fund: Team Eastern Kentucky Flood Relief Fund

    EIN: 81-3939546

  • Team Rubicon

    EIN: 27-1720480

  • Toolbank USA

    EIN: 90-0386790

  • World Central Kitchen

    EIN: 27-3521132