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For donors

Identify your goals

The first stage in building an effective giving plan is identifying the goals and causes most important to you. Here are some tools and resources to help you narrow your charitable focus and make giving a family affair.

Find your focus

Clearly defining your focus creates a framework for decision-making and helps you gauge your progress in meeting your philanthropic goals. To find your focus, start by reflecting on your charitable giving motivations. What motivates you to give at this moment? What do you want to change in the world? Also look for ways to concentrate your giving, as focusing on a smaller number of charitable causes can make your donations go further.

Access in-depth activities to help you identify your goals, values, and motivations.

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Involve your family

Engaging your family in giving is a great way to strengthen relationships, instill values, and leave a meaningful legacy. You can engage family members in several ways, including partnering with them to develop philanthropic goals and/or create and implement a giving strategy. You can also launch family members on their own giving trajectory.

Explore strategies for involving your family.

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    Define your philanthropic mission

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Keep building your plan

Explore other ways to make the most of your charitable giving.

Learn which organizations are eligible for tax deductions, determine which assets to give, and choose your charitable giving vehicles.

Explore ways to create a giving budget and identify charities aligned with your causes.

Decide how you want your gift to be used and the frequency of your giving. Also look for opportunities to hone your plan.

Keep your eyes, ears, and mind open to different ways of giving, such as volunteering or serving on a nonprofit board.