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Expert charitable planning delivered with ease

84% of advisors today provide charitable planning for their clients¹—and for good reason: It helps your clients increase the impact of their charitable giving in a simple, tax-smart way. What's more, integrating philanthropy into your practice can help deepen your client relationships. We're here to help with everything from getting started to supporting complex giving strategies.

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A simple solution for your charitable planning.

With a team of philanthropic experts and a comprehensive online platform, Schwab Charitable™ offers a powerful turnkey solution to serve even your most sophisticated clients:

  • A simple, tax-smart account for charitable giving
  • Dedicated Relationship Managers and Charitable Strategists supporting advisors and their clients
  • Seamless integration with your practice through

Your clients will benefit. And so will your firm.

Few things are more rewarding than helping your clients make a positive difference in the world and create a lasting legacy.

Your clients will benefit. And so will your firm.

  • Investment options

    Support your clients’ charitable giving goals through investment management.

  • Combine your dollars with your time.

    Charitable expertise

    Your firm will be assigned a Schwab Charitable Relationship Manager and Charitable Strategist to help create charitable giving strategies for your clients.

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    Complex gift acceptance

    Help clients unlock their wealth for charitable good. Work with a Charitable Strategist to guide you through the process, uncover tax efficiencies, and give up to 20% more 

  • Grant guidance

    Guide clients toward achieving their philanthropic goals. Work with us to achieve maximum impact through grant agreements, recurring grants, and local, national, or international giving.

Our platform integrates easily with your practice.

Our platform integrates easily with your practice.

Because the Schwab Charitable online platform is fully integrated with, it's simple to use and offers robust functionality.

  • Easily transfer assets from Schwab and non-Schwab accounts to Schwab Charitable.
  • Conveniently make grant recommendations on behalf of your clients.
  • Access reporting and annual summaries to provide insightful analysis to your clients.
  • Open accounts online with the ease and efficiency of our digital account open tool.

Specialized services in support of family offices and large donors.

Schwab Charitable has a long history of successfully supporting the philanthropy of ultra high net worth donors and their investment advisors. Among the specialized services we provide:

  • Direct access to a dedicated team of specialists via phone or email to ensure contributions, investment and grant recommendations are accommodated efficiently and effectively.
  • Acceptance of complex contributions, including restricted stock, privately held business interests, real estate, hedge fund and private equity interests, collectibles, and cryptocurrency.2

    Gain Charitable Giving Insights
  • Ability to recommend alternative investments for largest accounts.
  • Drafting and support of complex grant agreements and a range of options to support international granting.

    Learn more about international granting
  • Resources, including referrals to philanthropic advisors, to help donors to develop and execute a philanthropic strategy.

New tax law.

New tax law. New opportunities for charitable giving strategies.

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act has become law and is generating numerous questions about tax and charitable planning.

Kim Laughton, President of Schwab Charitable, and Hayden Adams, CPA, Director of Tax and Financial Planning at the Schwab Center for Financial Research, sat down to discuss their thoughts on the new tax environment. Read on and learn strategies that help donors give more efficiently.

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Hear from advisors like yourself.

More than 2,170 independent investment advisory firms work with Schwab Charitable to support their clients’ philanthropy. Listen to stories of how advisors help clients increase their impact with Schwab Charitable.

Hear from advisors like yourself.

  • Giving Via a Charitable Wallet

    Watch video: Giving Via a Charitable Wallet

    A charitable wallet.
    Advisor Craig Fasano describes how a donor-advised fund works like a charitable wallet and streamlines giving.

  • Watch video: How to Stretch Charitable Dollars

    How to stretch charitable dollars.
    Advisor Chris Wheaton explains how most philanthropists can drive down the cost of giving by donating appreciated securities.

A powerful tool to support your clients' philanthropic goals

The Schwab Charitable Giving Guide will help donors achieve even greater philanthropic impact and will generate a customized giving planner which can be integrated into their overall financial plan. There is also an Advisor's Guide to the Schwab Charitable Giving Guide which provides helpful tips to consider when discussing charitable giving with clients.

Access the Schwab Charitable Giving Guide


Start the conversation with your clients.

Meaningful wealth management and planning discussions often begin with understanding a client’s needs and goals. For many, this includes philanthropy.

Download conversation starters. >

Start the conversation with your clients.
  • Sample approach to conversation
  • New client meeting
  • Is charitable giving important to you, and if so what are some of your charitable giving goals?
  • Appreciated assets in the portfolio
  • In reviewing your portfolio, I see you have appreciated securities that would result in capital gains if sold. 

    Do you currently give to charity? If so, we could help minimize your taxes by using these assets to help fund your charitable giving. Would that be of interest to you?
  • Tax planning
  • In reviewing your tax returns, I see you give to charity. Would you be interested in discussing tax efficient ways to give?
  • Major tax event
  • The potential sale of a non-cash asset such as real estate, a privately held business (C or S Corp.), restricted stock or private equity may cause a major tax event.

    Have you considered donating a portion of these assets to charity? This could minimize capital gains taxes, while increasing the amount you could give.
  • Retirement planning
  • As you think about your retirement expenses, do you want to plan for any charitable giving? If so, would you like to discuss how you can fund your philanthropy now so that you can continue your giving levels into retirement?
  • Family giving
  • Have you considered using philanthropy to help educate your children about money and values?
  • Estate/legacy planning
  • As part of your estate, are you planning to leave assets to any charitable organizations? 

    In thinking about transitioning assets, have you considered engaging your family in your charitable giving now? If so, did you know that in many cases, leaving tax-deferred assets, such as IRA funds or annuities, to charity will relieve non-charitable beneficiaries of tax liability?

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How to open and manage Schwab Charitable accounts for your clients.

Our integration with makes it all easy. These quick tutorials walk you through opening, funding, and managing accounts—including grant making on a client’s behalf.

How to help clients recommend a grant

Learn more, ask questions, and download information kits.

Helpful forms and next steps

Helpful forms and next steps

Helpful forms and next steps

Review the Investment Policy Statement to get the facts about managing assets.

Once your client opens an account, you'll also need to fill out the Investment Advisory Agreement and/or the Agency Agreement.

You may open an account for your client(s) online using our digital account open tool or the New Account Application for Advisors form. See the digital account open instructions.

Note: Donors may access their forms here

If you are an investment advisor working with Charles Schwab Advisor Services™, a division of Charles Schwab & Co., Inc., all Schwab Charitable forms and applications can be found on the Schwab Advisor Center website in the Forms & Applications section.

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1. 2018 RIA Benchmarking Study from Charles Schwab, January-March 2018. Study contains self-reported data from 1,261 firms. The data was not independently verified. Participant firms represent various sizes and business models categorized into 12 peer groups—seven wealth manager groups and five money manager groups—by assets under management (AUM) size. Past performance is not an indicator of future results. Results reported are medians by peer groups, if no peer group is stated results are for all firms with $250 million or more in AUM.

2. Contributions of certain real estate, private equity or other illiquid assets are accepted via a charitable intermediary, with proceeds transferred to a donor‐advised account upon liquidation. This intermediary considers donations on a case‐by‐case basis, and assets typically must be valued at $250,000 or more. Call the Fund for more information at 800‐746‐6216.