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Private foundation conversion

Is Converting Your Foundation to a Donor-Advised Fund Right For You?

This survey can help you determine if a donor-advised fund account makes sense for you. Whether you want to convert your private foundation to a donor-advised fund account or are considering one as a complement to your foundation, Schwab Charitable can help.

Privacy (Question 2 of 10)
How important is it for you to have the option to keep all or some aspects of your charitable giving private?

I am not at all concerned about privacy, and like to be recognized for all of my giving.

I am not too concerned about privacy, and generally like to be recognized for my giving.

Don't Know/No Opinion

I have substantial concerns about privacy, and want the option to be recognized or to give anonymously.

Protecting my privacy is a critical element of my philanthropy, on which I am not willing to compromise.1


There are both benefits and consequences associated with the degree of privacy surrounding charitable giving. Some donors want their giving to be public because they feel that it may act as a catalyst for others' gifts and/or they enjoy the benefits to their personal and professional reputation. Others place a premium on their privacy. They may want to avoid conclusions drawn about their implied wealth, avoid being solicited for additional grants or have safety concerns for their families. They may also want to reduce speculation about their values or lifestyle based on the causes they support.

Private Foundations:
Private foundations are required to complete an annual filing called a 990-PF. This contains comprehensive information about the foundation, including names of directors and officers, contributors and the amount of each contribution, revenue and expenditures of the foundation and a list of all grant recipients and amounts. Copies must be furnished to the attorney general in each state in which the private foundation is registered. The foundation must also make the 990-PF available to the public. This requirement is usually met automatically by on-line providers that publish all private foundation tax returns from the IRS, making private foundation filings accessible via the internet.
Donor-Advised Funds:
Individual donor-advised fund accounts do not file an annual IRS return. Instead, the donor-advised fund sponsor files an aggregated return. As such, the specific transactions and donor names associated with a donor-advised fund account may be kept private. Limited donor information is provided to the IRS for exceptionally large contributors only. Donors may also choose to be recognized or to give anonymously to charities for each grant they make.
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