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One Charitable Minute

Gain quick expert insights into philanthropy and learn how to increase your charitable impact.

How charitable giving in 2017 may help you prepare for tax reform.

President Kim Laughton discusses how to maximize the value of your charitable tax deduction.

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Why charitable giving should be part of financial planning.

Vice President Fred Kaynor shares tax-smart, flexible giving strategies to increase the impact of your philanthropy.

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Know year-end deadlines to help achieve your charitable goals.

Managing Director Chris Yaros discusses key deadlines to help achieve your goals this giving season.

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Make giving history in 2017.

President Kim Laughton discusses why 2017 could be a particularly historic year to give.

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Three important considerations when donating non‑cash assets to charity.

Director Denise Schuh discusses the benefits of contributing non-cash assets.

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Define your philanthropic mission in three simple ways.

Vice President Fred Kaynor discusses how to develop a philanthropic mission as a family.

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Three simple ways to increase the impact of your charitable giving.

President Kim Laughton shares her insights into philanthropy.

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