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Charitable Giving Videos

Gain quick expert insights into philanthropy and learn how to increase your charitable impact.

Philanthropic Efforts to Battle COVID-19: Around the Corner and Around the World

Best practices for donors and non-profits to achieve maximum impact with their support of COVID-19 relief efforts.

In this webinar from April 8, 2020, Nicole Taylor, President and CEO, Silicon Valley Community Foundation, Kim Laughton, President, Schwab Charitable and Jennifer Alcorn, Deputy Director, Philanthropic Partnerships, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Gates Philanthropy Partners will explore how donors can:

  • Support research, drug therapy, vaccine acceleration and more efficient testing/diagnostics on a global scale, including developing nations.
  • Access important resources that will help maximize donor impact in supporting national charities on the frontlines of the battle against COVID-19 throughout the country.
  • Support community foundations that are galvanizing multiple efforts and resources to protect public health and deliver critical support to those affected by the virus and its impact on a local level.

Giving With the Heart and the Mind

In this webinar, Tricia Raikes, Co-founder of Raikes Foundation and Kim Laughton, President, Schwab Charitable will explore how donors can:

  • Focus their giving by looking at the intersection between personal passion, resources and areas where there is need
  • Take a thoughtful approach to giving by exploring strategies that are designed to be adaptive
  • Consider an array of assets and vehicles – and the associated tax implications – to achieve maximum philanthropic impact

Giving Wisely—How to Apply a Proactive Approach to Finding and Evaluating Charities

Jacob Harold, Executive Vice President of CANDID, and Fred Kaynor, Vice President of Schwab Charitable, explore how to:

  • Identify and vet nonprofits that support your focus areas
  • Conduct due diligence on nonprofits and be aware of "red flags"
  • Monitor and evaluate nonprofits over time

Three Ways to Maximize Impact—a discussion with Jeff Raikes

Fred Kaynor, Vice President of Marketing and Business Development for Schwab Charitable, and Jeff Raikes, co-founder of the Raikes Foundation, discuss a strategy that can help donors increase their charitable impact. Jeff outlines three important tenets:

Addressing Youth Homelessness—a conversation with Jeff Raikes

Fred Kaynor, Vice President of Marketing and Business Development for Schwab Charitable, and Jeff Raikes, Cofounder of the Raikes Foundation discuss increasing your charitable impact and finding the joy in making a difference.

Considering the timing of charitable support

Fred Kaynor, Vice President, Business Development & Marketing, Schwab Charitable, provides timely thoughts on supporting charities over the summer months to maximize the effectiveness of your support.

Choosing the best giving vehicles for you

Cathleen Grady, Senior Relationship Manager, Schwab Charitable discusses how to approach choosing the giving vehicles best suited to support the charitable causes most important to donors.

Combining a donor-advised fund with a private foundation

Managing Director - Charitable Planning, Stephanie Diamond, discusses how combining private foundations and donor-advised funds can help fulfill broader charitable objectives.

Additional resources:

Join Kim Laughton, President of Schwab Charitable, and Hayden Adams, Director of Tax and Financial Planning for Charles Schwab & Co., as they discuss the Tax Cut and Jobs Act and its potential effect on charitable giving.

  • Understand the most relevant changes in the tax law in relation to charitable giving
  • Learn strategies to help you maximize the tax benefits of charitable giving
  • Explore ways to leverage donor-advised funds and other giving vehicles as part of your charitable giving strategy

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How charitable giving in 2017 may help you prepare for tax reform.

President Kim Laughton discusses how to maximize the value of your charitable tax deduction.

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Why charitable giving should be part of financial planning.

Vice President Fred Kaynor shares tax-smart, flexible giving strategies to increase the impact of your philanthropy.

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Know year-end deadlines to help achieve your charitable goals.

Managing Director Chris Yaros discusses key deadlines to help achieve your goals this giving season.

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Make giving history in 2017.

President Kim Laughton discusses why 2017 could be a particularly historic year to give.

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Define your philanthropic mission in three simple ways.

Vice President Fred Kaynor discusses how to develop a philanthropic mission as a family.

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Three simple ways to increase the impact of your charitable giving.

President Kim Laughton shares her insights into philanthropy.

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