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How our donors are maximizing the impact of their charitable giving.

Hear what donors say about Schwab Charitable™ and how it helps make their charitable giving more efficient and effective.

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Four generations of giving.

Elizabeth describes how her family has passed down the tradition of philanthropy from one generation to the next.

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  • Donating stock is a piece of cake.

    Richard explains why he prefers to donate appreciated securities, and how his donor-advised fund account enables him to give more to charity.

  • Giving to causes we care about.

    Milt and Judi discuss how their donor-advised fund account makes selecting and granting to a specific charity quick and easy.

  • Inspired to give more.

    Tamara shares how she and her husband have been more philanthropic since opening their donor-advised fund account.

  • Sharing the wealth.

    Ellen administers a Schwab Charitable account for an affluent family. She describes how it simplifies the giving process.

  • The gift of time.

    Elizabeth talks about the extra time and freedom she’s gained by switching to Schwab Charitable.

  • Giving is so fulfilling.

    Milt and Judi share their motivations for giving and talk about how they’ve been able to maximize the impact of their philanthropy.

  • Sharing a passion.

    Milt and Judi explain how they are able to continue the legacy of giving to the next generation.

  • It's so easy to give.

    Dan discusses how the grant process is so much easier online, especially for repeat grants toward the end of the year.