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Measure the impact of your charitable giving.

Individuals frequently have an "above-average bias" when it comes to giving; they often tend to overestimate their performance relative to their peers. According to this article, the majority of Americans give less than 1% of their disposable income to charity,¹ even though the financial resources of the most wealthy have grown consistently over the years.

As with any goal, once we realize that our performance is far more modest than we originally thought, we are frequently motivated to do more. Here are three ways to help ensure that you are giving as much as you intend and in a way that is consistent with your values:

  1. Incorporate charitable giving into your financial planning and wealth management.

    Charitable giving should be approached in the same thoughtful and strategic manner as other elements of financial planning and wealth management. Every time Schwab Charitable™ donors log in to their account, they see their donor-advised fund account listed with their other Schwab investment accounts. This enables donors to track their charitable giving, just as they do with their investment portfolio. It also enables them to easily contribute shares from their investment accounts to their charitable account and maximize their tax benefits.

  2. Evaluate your charitable priorities annually.

    With new life experiences, charitable giving priorities can change. Some donors tell us it is a holiday tradition to come together as a family and set the course of their giving for the year. Whatever your tradition, articulating and revisiting your charitable priorities annually will ensure that they continue to reflect your goals.

    Many donors coordinate charitable planning with their annual financial planning. If this occurs during the "giving season," it is important to keep year-end deadlines in mind.

    Take a more strategic approach to giving.

    See how Schwab Charitable helps this couple be more thoughtful about the charities they support. Watch >

  3. Stay connected to your favorite charities.

    Keeping abreast of the latest developments at your favorite charities can make for a more fulfilling experience with your philanthropy. Many donors tell us their most rewarding experiences are not always their biggest grants.

    When you recommend a grant to a charity from a Schwab Charitable account, a grant award letter including the grant check will be sent to the designated charity. This letter can be personalized to include the name of your charitable account and your contact information, or you can remain anonymous. View a sample letter and grant check.

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