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Celebrating 20 years of giving with 20 heartfelt stories.

Meet some of our generous donors. These 20 stories illustrate what drives their giving and how they're making an impact. Since 1999, Schwab Charitable donors have granted over $13 billion to more than 150,000 charities.

  • Read Jill's story:
    Filling a gap in autism research

  • 2:48

    Watch Chuck and Carrie:
    Those who give are making the real difference.

  • Read Kate's story:
    Faith-powered charitable giving

  • "We share our family values through our holiday tradition."

    Read Teresa's story

  • Read Doreen and Ralph's story:
    Focused giving on higher education

  • 2:44

    Watch Alex and Melissa (Isse):
    Colon cancer awareness is our top priority

  • Read Nishit and Farzana's story:
    Legacy without children

  • "How I'm bunching my contributions for tax purposes."

    Read James's story

  • Read Lynda and Jim's story:
    Making an impact in retirement

  • Read Loretta's story:
    Engaging the next generation of donors

  • Read Penni's story:
    Giving more with appreciated stock

  • 2:44

    Watch Royce and Laura:
    The drive to give

  • Read David's story:
    Sustained giving

  • Read Karen's story:
    Helping clients be more strategic

  • "I like having the flexibility to make all types of donations."

    Read Jaclyn's story

  • "I started an annual 10-minute fundraising challenge."

    Read Curtis's story

  • Read Bill's story:
    Sharing prosperity

  • Read Jennifer and Jim's story:
    Giving back to improve our community

  • 2:46

    Watch Jodi:
    Committing to gender equality

  • Read Susan's story:
    My 20th year working at Schwab Charitable

  • Thank you to all of our donors, advisors, charities, employees, and business partners who've helped us make a meaningful impact these past 20 years.

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