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Investment options

We offer a comprehensive range of investment alternatives to help meet a wide variety of goals. You can choose from either a core account or a professionally managed account.

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Core account options

With a core donor-advised fund account, donors can choose among several types of investment pools from a variety of leading investment providers.

Investments available

Index Pools
  • Income Index (SWAGX)
  • Total Market Equity Index (SWTSX)
  • International Equity Index (SWISX)
  • Small-Cap Equity (SWSSX)
  • Inflation-Protected Bond (SWRSX)
Actively Managed Pools Money Market Pool
Irrevocable minimum contribution: $5000

 For those interested in responsible investing, we offer two pools with underlying funds supporting socially responsible mandates.

Donors with core donor-advised fund accounts may choose from more than a dozen investment pools that feature prescreened, top-performing mutual funds, including:

Pre-allocated investment pools for donors who want to recommend a diversified investment strategy with one investment choice.

Single asset class investment pools, both index and actively managed, that can be combined by donors who want to recommend a more customized investment strategy.

Not sure which to choose?

Professionally managed account options

With a professionally managed account option, you can recommend an investment advisor to create an investment strategy that helps support your philanthropic goals.

Investments Available


    • Stocks
    • Bonds
    • Mutual funds
    • Exchange-traded funds
    • Exchange-traded notes
    • CDs

    • Hedge funds
    • Private equity/venture funds
    • Real estate funds
    • Real asset funds
  • Publicly traded securities

    For accounts of more than $250,000, you may select an independent investment advisor to actively manage a customized investment portfolio (subject to Schwab Charitable investment policies and oversight). The portfolio may comprise a broad universe of publicly traded securities, including individual stocks, mutual funds, exchange-traded funds, and fixed income products.

  • Alternative investments

    For our largest accounts, an independent investment advisor or wealth manager may also recommend alternative investments (including hedge funds, private equity/venture funds, and private debt) for your portfolio. All alternative investments must be reviewed and approved in advance by Schwab Charitable.