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Charitable Donation Calculator Results

Your total contributions of <total contributions> would cost you only <net cost> when taking applicable income tax savings into consideration (not including the capital gains tax savings you will achieve by donating appreciated securities).

Because of the growth of your contributions, you will be able to give away a total of <giving power> to the charities you recommend to support.

The benefit of donating through Schwab Charitable

Give directly
to charity
(Total Contributions)
Give through
Schwab Charitable Fund
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Here are the results of your contributions after <years> years of giving:1

Total contributions2
<total contributions>
Income tax savings3
<tax savings>
Net cost of contributions
<net cost>
Total grants to charity
<total grants>
Additional amount you can give to charity
<additional you can give>
Total giving power
<giving power>

In addition, by contributing long-held, appreciated shares of publicly traded stock directly to charity you would avoid paying <cap gains> in capital gains tax over the period.4

1. Contributions are assumed to be made on January 1st and grant distributions on December 31st.

2. Assumes contributions are made with cash or with stock held for longer than one year.

3. The example shown is based on federal tax rates only and does not reflect effects of certain tax limitations, such as alternative minimum tax, state or local taxes, or Adjusted Gross Income limitations on itemized deductions. The Income Tax Savings amount shown does not take into account an excise tax on investment income for taxpayers in the 35% and 39.6% income-tax bracket. The excise tax may also be applied to those in lower tax brackets, depending on their situation.

4. The tax rate for those in the 10% or 15% tax bracket for ordinary income is 0%. The tax rate for those in the 25%, 28%, 33%, or 35% tax bracket is 15%. The tax rate for those in the 39.6% tax bracket is 20%.