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What is a donor-advised fund?

A Schwab Charitable™ donor-advised fund account is a simple, tax-smart investment solution for charitable giving.

You just set up an account with Schwab Charitable and contribute cash, securities, or appreciated assets. You’ll be eligible for a current-year tax deduction and can be more strategic about your giving decisions.

Make more of an impact over time.

67% of our donors feel that having a Schwab Charitable account increases charitable giving.1

  • Your contribution will be invested for potential growth, so you can maximize what you give to charity.
  • Make timely grants when people need the donations most.
  • A tax-smart way to manage giving.

    • Contribute cash, appreciated assets, or investments that have been held for a year or more without paying capital gains taxes.
    • Contribute to your account and grant to charity at any time, not just at year-end.

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  • Make giving simple and efficient.

    • Recommend grants quickly and easily through the Schwab Charitable Client Center or Schwab Mobile app.1
    • We verify the charities and send them each a check along with a personalized grant letter featuring your own custom letterhead.
    • Keep track of your contributions and grants online, plus access a simple and personalized annual report at tax time.

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  • It’s easy to get in touch with Donor Relations, who will follow up on your questions quickly.
  • Our team of experts can guide you through your unique situation.
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