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Help your clients maximize their charitable contribution deductions.

Your clients are interested in charitable giving and potentially eliminating capital gains taxes—which means they’ll also be interested in a strategic-giving conversation. With Schwab Charitable™, you can deepen relationships with clients and prospects by being an important resource to help them maximize their charitable contribution deductions and reach their charitable goals.

94%of high-net-worth households say they want to learn more about charitable giving.¹

What are the benefits?

  • For clients

    • A simple, efficient, tax-smart giving solution for your clients.
    • With the Schwab Charitable Legacy Program, your clients can create the legacy they want to leave.
    • Your clients can customize their grant award letterhead with their names or give anonymously if they prefer.

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  • For firms

    • Deepen client relationships and improve client loyalty.
    • Differentiate yourself as an advisor by incorporating philanthropy into your practice.
    • Maximize your clients’ charitable contribution deductions by encouraging them to donate highly appreciated assets to reduce capital gains.

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How it works for advisors.

Because our online platform is integrated with, it’s easy to do business with Schwab Charitable.

Ready to get started?

Review the Investment Policy Statement to get all the facts. Once your client opens an account, you’ll also need to fill out the Investment Advisory Agreement and/or the Agency Agreement. You may open an account for your client(s) using the New Account Application for Advisors form.

Note: Donors may access their forms here.

If you are an investment advisor working with Charles Schwab Advisor Services™, a division of Charles Schwab & Co., Inc., all Schwab Charitable forms and applications can be found on the Schwab Advisor Center website in the Forms & Applications section.

Hear from advisors like you.

More than 2,170 independent investment advisory firms work with Schwab Charitable to support their clients’ philanthropy. Listen to stories of how advisors help their clients make a bigger impact with Schwab Charitable.

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How do you start the conversation with clients?

Meaningful wealth management and planning discussions often start with understanding a client’s dreams and goals. For many clients, this includes philanthropy.

Conversation topic Sample approach to conversation
New client meeting

Is charitable giving important to you, and if so what are some of your charitable giving goals?

Appreciated assets in the portfolio

In reviewing your portfolio, I see you have appreciated securities that would result in capital gains if sold.

Do you currently give to charity? If so, we could help minimize your taxes by using these assets to help fund your charitable giving. Would that be of interest to you?

Tax planning

In reviewing your tax returns, I see you give to charity. Would you be interested in discussing tax efficient ways to give?

Major tax event

The potential sale of a non-cash asset such as real estate, a privately held business (C or S Corp.), restricted stock or private equity may cause a major tax event.

Have you considered donating a portion of these assets to charity? This could minimize capital gains taxes, while increasing the amount you could give.

Retirement planning

As you think about your retirement expenses, do you want to plan for any charitable giving? If so, would you like to discuss how you can fund your philanthropy now so that you can continue your giving levels into retirement?

Family giving

Have you considered using philanthropy to help educate your children about money and values?

Estate/legacy planning

As part of your estate, are you planning to leave assets to any charitable organizations?

In thinking about transitioning assets, have you considered engaging your family in your charitable giving now? If so, did you know that in many cases, leaving tax-deferred assets, such as IRA funds or annuities, to charity will relieve non-charitable beneficiaries of tax liability?

We are here to help.

Schwab Charitable Relationship Managers can answer your questions and help you with everything from getting started to providing ongoing operational assistance.

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