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More than 1,400 independent investment advisory firms work with Schwab Charitable to support their clients’ philanthropy. Here are a few examples of how advisors help their clients make a bigger impact with Schwab Charitable.

Advisors Supporting Philanthropy

Private Stock Contributions
Many individuals hold significant wealth in private business interests (such as C-Corp and S-Corp stock). This advisor discusses donating those assets.
How to Stretch Charitable Dollars
An advisor explains how most philanthropists can drive down the cost of giving by donating appreciated securities.
Giving Via a “Charitable Wallet”
This advisor describes how a donor-advised fund works like a charitable wallet and streamlines giving.
Three Reasons to Use a Donor-Advised Fund
This advisor talks about common scenarios when it makes sense to open a donor-advised fund account.
Family Giving for Years to Come
An advisor describes how to use a donor-advised fund account to facilitate charitable giving over the donor’s lifetime and beyond.


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