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SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 17, 2009 — Schwab Charitable, one of the nation's largest and fastest growing donor advised funds, is proud to have Alex Counts as the second speaker of the second annual Schwab Charitable Philanthropy Speaker Series hosted in partnership with UC Berkeley's Haas School of Business Center for Nonprofit and Public Leadership.

The Series brings together leaders from the philanthropic community with Haas students and alumni to tackle cutting-edge issues in the world of philanthropy and explore best practices for social impact.

The event will take place September 30th. Alex Counts is President and CEO of Grameen Foundation. Alex founded Grameen Foundation in 1997 with a mere $6,000 in seed capital and a charge from Dr. Muhammad Yunus, the founder and managing director of the Grameen Bank and winner of the 2009 Congressional Medal of Honor and 2006 Nobel Peace Prize "for efforts to create economic and social development from below". Alex is a widely published author on poverty and microcredit for the poor, including his latest work, Small Loans, Big Dreams: How Nobel Prize Winner Muhammad Yunus and Microfinance Are Changing the World (2008). Alex will be addressing questions raised in the Wall Street Journal and the Economist regarding the potential risks associated with the explosive growth of microfinance.

The event will run from 3:30 to 5:30 p.m. at the Berkeley City Club, Member's Lounge. Tickets will be available for $15 for members of the public, $10 for Haas alumni, and free for students and members of the press. To register please visit:

The Series aligns Schwab Charitable's strategic philanthropy mission with the Haas School of Business' innovation in business and society. Attendees are expected to include members of the philanthropic community interested in dialogue and exchange, leading toward greater social impact.

About Schwab Charitable
Created as a national donor-advised fund with a mission to increase charitable giving nationwide, Schwab Charitable has raised over $3.7 billion and has facilitated more than $1.5 billion in grants to charity since inception. For more information about Schwab Charitable or the Schwab Charitable Microfinance Guarantee Program, visit

About the Center for Nonprofit and Public Leadership
The Center for Nonprofit and Public Leadership prepares next-generation leaders with the practical business skills to found, lead, manage and govern in the social sector, creatively innovate and collaborate across sectors, and create winning solutions that produce social impact. For more information about the Center for Nonprofit and Public Leadership, visit

About Grameen Foundation
Grameen Foundation, a global nonprofit organization, helps the world's poorest people access financial services and technology solutions by providing financing, technology support and management strategies to the local organizations that serve them. It also spearheads technology initiatives that create new microbusiness opportunities for the poor, provide telecommunications access for the world's rural poor, and improve their access to health and agriculture information and other services. For more information, please visit