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February 21, 2024

Support those affected by the humanitarian crisis in Israel and Palestine

A mass humanitarian crisis has arisen following the escalation of violence in Israel and Palestine. Our thoughts are with the innocent people and their families impacted by these tragic events.


For those interested in supporting communities affected, please consider the charities and resources provided by the Center for Disaster Philanthropy (CDP) listed below.


Please note there are significant safety concerns for NGOs operating in Israel and Palestine, particularly Gaza. It may be challenging for U.S.-based NGOs to communicate with staff to understand the needs on the ground fully. Donors are encouraged to use trust and accept that flexibility is required. Recommended organizations have an ongoing presence in the region or work through local partners. 

The organizations below have been recommended by the Center for Disaster Philanthropy (CDP) to help those impacted.

Israel/Palestine charities

  • (Gaza and West Bank)

    Action Aid

    EIN: 52-2277575

  • (Israel) 

    American Friends of Magen David Adom

    EIN: 13-1790719

  • (Gaza, Israel, Lebanon, Jordan) 

    AmeriCares Foundation

    EIN: 06-1008595

  • (Gaza)

    American Near East Refugee Aid, Inc.

    EIN: 52-0882226 

  • (Gaza, West Bank, Egypt, Lebanon)

    CARE, Inc.

    EIN: 13-1685039

  • (Israel and Gaza)

    Center for Disaster Philanthropy

    EIN: 45-5257937

  • (Middle East)

    Convoy of Hope

    EIN: 68-0051386

  • (Gaza)

    Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières

    EIN: 13-3433452

  • (Gaza and West Bank)

    Global Communities

    EIN: 52-0846183

  • (Israel, Gaza, Egypt)

    Global Empowerment Mission Inc.

    EIN: 45-3782061

  • (Israel)

    HIAS Inc.

    EIN: 13-5633307

  • (Gaza and West Bank)

    Handicap International

    EIN: 55-0914744

  • (Israel, Gaza, West Bank)

    International Committee of the Red Cross

    EIN: 98-6001029

  • (Gaza)

    International Rescue Committee (IRC)

    EIN: 13-5660870

  • (Gaza)

    Islamic Relief USA (IRUSA)

    EIN: 95-4453134

  • (Israel)

    IsraAid US, Inc.

    EIN: 46-2118225

  • (Gaza and West Bank)

    Mercy Corps

    EIN: 91-1148123

  • (Gaza and West Bank)

    Norwegian Refugee Council USA

    EIN: 47-5342860

  • (Gaza and West Bank)

    Oxfam America

    EIN: 23-7069110

  • (Gaza, West Bank, Lebanon, Egypt)

    Save the Children Federation

    EIN: 06-0726487

  • (Palestine and Diaspora)

    United Palestinian Appeal, Inc.

    EIN: 06-0726487

  • (Gaza)

    U.S. Fund for UNICEF

    EIN: 13-1760110 

  • (Gaza, Egypt, Lebanon)

    World Central Kitchen

    EIN: 27-3521132