The Road Ahead: How the Events of 2020 Might Shape the Future of Philanthropy

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In this webinar from May 4, 2021, Kim Laughton, President, Schwab Charitable and Nicole Taylor, President & CEO, Silicon Valley Community Foundation joined Michael Gordon Voss, Publisher, Stanford Social Innovation Review to examine how philanthropists have responded to the unprecedented pandemic, what they learned as a result of 12 months of adapting their giving strategies to address mounting and desperate need, and how they can continue to prepare for what's next. 

Key takeaways:

  1. What lessons have been learned during the first year of the pandemic about supporting the needs of communities, locally, nationally and globally.
  2. How these lessons can inform an effective approach during the second year of the pandemic.
  3. What donors at all levels of giving should be aware of as they think of how they can use their financial resources in the most effective way to tackle the long-term impacts of the pandemic.